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September 12th, 2018

American Security is proud to welcome AT "Tommy" Smith to our American Services Advisory Board. 

 Tommy is a 29 year veteran US Secret Service Agent having recently retired as Deputy Director of the Secret Service.  Tommy directed the agencies daily operations as Deputy Director and served in a number of other positions within the Secret Service.  Tommy served as Special Agent in Charge of the Secret Service training academy, assistant to the Special Agent in charge of the Presidential Protective Division and other various assignments in investigations and Human Resources.  Tommy currently works as an independent consultant specializing in security, cyber-security, privacy and identity space.  He served as Senior Advisor within the Department of Homeland Security on matters involving cyber-security and trans-national organized crime.  Tommy began his career in law enforcement in 1978 with the Greenville Sheriff's Office.

"American Services is happy to have Tommy Smith serving on our advisory Board. Tommy's father and I have been friends for over 50 years and worked together during our Law Enforcement careers.

I look forward to Tommy's future and believe he has lots to offer both American Security and his community."

Henry C Harrison, Chairman and CEO, American Services

"I'm delighted to have AT Tommy Smith join our Advisory Board. He will be an asset to our 3 companies, American Security, Action Staffing and ACI.

I look forward to working with Tommy as we continue to make our company more valuable to our customers."

Jim Ward, President, American Service

"I first met Tommy around 1980. During my 24 years as a SLED Agent and Tommy's time with the Greenville Sheriff's Office and US Secret Service, I always knew that whatever direction Tommy's Law Enforcement career carried him, he would do well. I believe with Tommy's education and experience, he will be an invaluable asset to American Security and our customers, and will compliment and support our Area Managers and Security Officers."

Randy Harrison, President, American Security

"Tommy has enjoyed a spectacular career in law enforcement,  serving  in some of the highest and most important  positions in the nation.  Because of his depth of knowledge and experience, particularly in security and related areas, he will without question be a decided asset to the Advisory Board."  

Billy Wilkins, former Chief Judge, U. S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit

"Tommy Smith's vast experience with the United States Secret Service makes him a great addition to the American Security Advisory Board. He progressed through the ranks retiring as Deputy Director in this important component of the Department of Homeland Security. His expertise in protecting people and property will bring added value to the services American Security provides."

Robert Stewart, former Chief of SLED

April, 24th 2018 


VP of Risk Analysis Receives PSP Certification


David Harrison, CPP, CHS-lll, CPD recently earned the PSP credential from ASIS International. The PSP certification is one of the three professional certifications earned through ASIS International. David now has two of the professional designations.

The PSP credential demonstrates the security professionalís knowledge in physical security assessments, applications, design, and integration of physical security systems and implementation of security measures. Qualifications to study for and sit for the exam include security experience and levels of education set forth by ASIS International. All certifications require ongoing continuing education to maintain the most up to date knowledge of the ever changing realm of asset protection.


The Physical Security Professional Certification allows American Security clients access to a credentialed resource to contact when they are unsure about their current protective strategies. As Vice President of Risk Analysis at American Security, David is able to conduct  detailed security assessments at client locations that successfully pinpoint their security vulnerabilities and help implement a plan to protect their assets and reduce exposure to threats through a physical security program.


Client audiences and the security officer corps can participate in trainings and seminars created and led by David Harrison on subjects including personal security strategies, Active Shooter/Armed Assailant, Risk Reduction and Mitigation and Business Continuity. Each of Davidís certifications and credentials provide clients confidence in their services with American Security knowing there is an individual within the company that remains current with the ever-evolving security trends.