Class - A Office

Class A
Office Space

In an office environment, the security officer is usually the first person an employee or potential customer will see and interact with.  First impressions are crucial which is why it is important to have an officer with the right skill set and training at your office.  American Security, LLC understands how important these impressions are and we know what traits to look for in officers and how to train them to ensure your employees and customers start with a positive experience.  Security Rounds are done four times a day.

During their rounds our officers typically check:

  • Security of all external doors, especially after 1815 hours;
  • Security of all internal doors which are required to be locked;
  • Elevators secured after 1800 hours to all floors;
  • Check all bathrooms;
  • Check all Janitor closets;
  • Check all Electrical and Mechanical Rooms;
  • Check all Break Rooms;
  • Check offices for fans and heaters left on;
  • Check for lights not working;
  • Check and ensure all lights are turned off at the end of the day;
  • Do camera checks following each round.

Also, many other duties are accomplished throughout the day depending on the shift and needs of the clients.

  • Relay building issues to building engineer;
  • Issue security access cards and withdraw access as needed;
  • Basic security observation;
  • Monthly inspections on elevators, fire extinguishers, and Automated External Defibrillators.
  • Daily inspection of Fire Sprinkler Valves and locks.
  • First Responders in Emergency situations;
  • Assist building personnel in various capacities;
  • Serve as host, concierge and information desk to clients and guests;
  • Check-in Vendors and Custodial Staff;
  • Assist guests in locating building offices and employees;
  • Escort employees as needed to their vehicles (late night);
  • Escort bank clientele to their car when they are transporting large amounts of currency;
  • Site contact for all newspaper deliveries.