Consultation Services

Every company has different security needs. Oftentimes we provide consultation services designed to educate you and your team about industry best practices and protection of assets. Regardless of your business focus or sector, our extensive and varied client base enables our team to analyze your security status and effectively implement specific programs and initiatives. Due to the vast experience of our management team in law enforcement, military, fire protection, and business management, we are able to provide a multifaceted approach to asset protection. This enables us to observe, evaluate, and provide needed enhancements to your specific location and program.

These are scenarios that may present themselves to you and your employees at any time. Don't be blindsided by a crisis or event. Preparation may not totally eliminate risk, but it does improve your response--and that of your employees--to the situation, which may decrease your liability and make situations more manageable.

As a business owner, or responsible manager, you are required to pursue safety (OSHA 1970) in all aspects of your operation. You are responsible for your workforce, vendors and others who may be on your site.

Regardless of your business sector, there are external and internal threats to your employees, products and facilities. There is not a "one-size-fits-all" security strategy or physical protection system to protect your assets. American Security can assist in the establishment of an effective security program customized to your location and requirements.

American Security has the experience, across all business sectors, and can assist in detecting these threats. The goal of our consulting service is to provide practical security solutions that will enhance the safety and security of your business enterprise. American Security is made up of a team professionals with validated experience in law enforcement, military, fire protection and business management. This broad range of skill sets enhances our internal staff's ability to observe, evaluate and present effective security strategies to our clients. American Security's in-house Certified Protection Professional (CPP) conducts all security and vulnerability assessments. The process begins with fact gathering sessions, and then moves into the evaluation stage. The goal of any assessment is to detect security vulnerabilities and provide practical solutions (gap closure) to reduce vulnerabilities. All assessments are conducted with integrity, straightforwardness, and business sensitivity.

Our consulting service also includes employee training sessions regarding security issues. Training sessions cover a wide spectrum of subjects from "Personal Security Strategies" to "How to Respond to an Active Shooter". Exposure to practical and effective training can lessen employee stress regarding violent events. The training exposes employees to potential real-world events and challenges them to respond in the most effective manner. Being mentally and physically prepared prior to an event, increases the chances of a more positive outcome for those targeted by the criminal element or the internal threat.

Knowledge is strength!

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