Defense / Aerospace

American Security, LLC supports clients in the Defense and Aerospace Industries which usually require a more dynamic security solution as compared to other industries.  Our dedication and ability to meet the high standards required in these sectors aptly demonstrates our capabilities and professionalism.  American Security, LLC is able to meet any company's security needs, no matter how big or small.

Typical duties:

  • Armed Officers
  • Building Access--open and close facilities as scheduled by the client
  • Entrance Control--operate and enforce a system of personnel identification, package inspection and movement procedures
  • Roving Patrol--perform security, fire and safety patrols as directed
  • Unauthorized Access--discover and detain anyone attempting to gain unauthorized access to the property
  • Reports and Records--prepare and submit reports on accidents, fires, bomb threats, unusual incidents, unlawful acts
  • Emergencies--respond to emergency situations as required by established procedures (i.e., CPR, AED, First Aid)
  • Alarm Monitoring and Response--respond to and investigate alarm notification as they are received from the monitoring stations
  • Safety and Emergency Plans
  • Fire Awareness
  • Bomb Threats
  • F.O.D Training
  • Flight Line Training

American Security, LLC's security officers can ensure better safety and protection for your employees, visitors and assets, which directly benefits your company's integrity, reputation and operations.