More than 40 years ago, American Security, LLC entered into the security business by providing security officers for manufacturing and industrial facilities.  Over the years we have continued to refine the services we offer in order to achieve the highest possible levels of asset protection for our clients.  Now, we provide security services to more than 200 clients in 74 Southeastern cities and towns in South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky, and Georgia.

We tailor our security program to each client by conducting a thorough risk assessment and then determining how to best deploy our resources.  Our officers work entrances/exits and truck gates to log vehicles entering and exiting the facility, check truck seals and trailer beds, prevent contraband from entering the facility, prevent products and supplies from exiting the facility and generally observe and control the traffic coming and going.  Many clients require officers to be stationed at their facility's pedestrian entrances to scan badges for employees, create badges for guests, perform bag checks for people both entering and exiting, prevent the entrance of contraband, monitor cameras and answer phones.  In addition to officers stationed at vehicle and pedestrian entry points, officers also patrol the interior and exterior of the facility.  Officers perform both random and scheduled patrols.  These patrols serve a number of purposes:  to establish a security presence, look for anything out of the ordinary, make sure doors are locked, and report any safety hazards such as leaks, puddles, exposed wires, malfunctioning equipment or anything else out of the ordinary.  Perimeter patrols check the integrity of fencing, look for unusual tire tracks, and make note of suspicious vehicles or other activity.

While there are common themes, all of our sites are different.  Our attention to the specific needs of each site allow us to provide superior security services.

Additional Duties/Responsibilities:

  • Fire Suppression systems
    • Ensure fire extinguishers are up to date
    • Many companies receive a lower insurance rate by having a person monitoring in addition to any electronic systems
  • Monitor Water Pressure for plant water supply
  • Prevent/respond to workplace violence
  • HR Support
    • High risk terminations
  • Liaise with law enforcement